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Caffeine App

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Caffeine App

Track your caffeine consumption with Caffeine App, so you can see at a glance when you are ready to go to bed, how much caffeine you have consumed and how much caffeine is in your body.

Use Touch 3D to quickly add a new entry oder access via Peek and Pop the entries and groups right away.

If you have an Apple Watch, you can track your caffeine consumption with the Caffeine Watch App.

Caffeine App has the following features:
- track your caffeine consumption
- HealthKit support (add, delete or update your entries)
- time of optimal sleeping time
- notifications if sleeping time reached
- choose your own sleeping time, caffeine amount with which you can still sleep and the maximum amount of caffeine you want to consume per day
- add your own caffeine groups to Caffeine App, there are already many built in groups like: Coffee, Tea, Fritz Cola, Club Mate and others
- scrollable caffeine timeline (past and coming 24 hours)
- URL scheme support

Caffeine App on Apple Watch has the following features:
- track your caffeine consumption
use the Complication to:
- always see your optimal sleeping time

For better readability Caffeine App supports Dynamic Type.
Oleg Mueller