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Congratulations! You're about to be awesome at public speaking. Tap into the methods top speakers in the world use to influence people, spread knowledge and grow their careers.

Cadence equips you with a proven, simple method to overcome anxiety and feel confident whether on stage, at work or in front of class. And with Apple Watch you can take the Cadence method with you on stage so you never feel alone while presenting.

* Learn to speak at a rate that conveys authority - not too slow or too fast - with the unique haptic metronome for Apple Watch
* Train yourself to stay on-time with a TED-style, low anxiety countdown clock on iPhone
* Remotely stop, start and adjust the countdown clock from your watch
* Take your training with you on stage by silencing your watch and turning on Cadence's haptic metronome

As someone who's spoken at the top developer events in the world, I built Cadence for myself as a virtual coach and stage partner. I'm making it available so anyone can confidently share their ideas and achieve their dreams. Own it today!
Christopher Oryschak