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Meet the New Course.

The golf app which brings players and the game closer together.

Make scoring fun and easy with CaddieLinks. A Golf app packed with great features aimed to get you closer to the game and with your Golfing buddies. Forget about your pencil and paper scorecard because CaddieLinks allows you to record an electronic scorecard for you and your playing partners, fast and easy. CaddieLinks allows golfers to create competitions, share live scorecards and live leaderboards standings, so that you know exactly where the competition is.

CaddieLinks allows you to stay connected with your buddies, from arranging your next tee-off to keeping up-to-date with all the latest activity on the golf course. CaddieLinks offers you the experience like a true pro, bringing dynamic statistics and live leaderboard standings. CaddieLinks supports scorecards for Matchplay, Stableford and Strokeplay scoring formats, presented in a truly revolutionary and elegant design which is super slick to interact with and when completed, is conveniently stored away in your own profile archive. CaddieLinks is best for staying social, allowing golfers to share moments, like Birdies and competition wins, commenting on player scorecards and finding new buddies to play with at your local golf club.

Make a profile and stay social:
Create yourself a golfing profile - add a selfie, handicap and follow a golf course.
Find and add new buddies.
Use Notifications to stay connected with latest news from your buddies.
Calendar to help schedule your golf activity.

Quick and intuitive scorecard entry to record you and your friends scores.
Scoring formats in Matchplay, Strokeplay and Stableford.
Generated scorecards including weather condition, wind, net score, gross score and full break down of all 18 holes, including playing partners and additional scorecard information.
Widget in Notification Center to allow you to record scores from your lock screen.

Create competitions with your friends.
View live leaderboards.
View all the past competition results.

On the Course:
'On the Course' allows you to view a feed of all the latest golfing activity.
Tap on a scorecard to view the score and information in more detail.
Share moments such as long drives, Birdies, Eagles, Hole in Ones and Competition Wins with your friends.
Socialise with other golfers on CaddieLinks with comment functionality on scorecards and moments.

Track your performance with dynamic statistics.
Data from your scorecards is recorded on your performance page.
View average score, scores to par and break down of the number of Eagles, Birdies, Pars and Bogeys.

Completely free.

Current golf data supported for following areas:
Northern Ireland