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Caato Time Tracker+

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Caato Time Tracker+

Caato Time Tracker+ is the simplest way to track time while you’re on the move. Now you can easily track time and effortlessly sync all projects, activities and time entries from your Caato Time Tracker+ for macOS account with your iPhone and Watch.

+ Sync with Caato Time Tracker+ for macOS
+ Track time for existing projects and activities
+ Add new time entries and edit existing ones
+ Add notes to time entries
+ Watch app to quickly start and stop recent activities
+ View total time tracked for projects and activities
+ Connect to multiple accounts

Note: to use this app you first need to register an account and create projects and activities with Caato Time Tracker+ for macOS.

If you have any problems or have comments or suggestions for improving our app, please use the “Send Feedback” feature within the app.

This is just the beginning, we will add more features to the app soon!
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