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buttons event recorder

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buttons event recorder

Buttons is an app for constructing and using custom single purpose macro keyboards.

Typical uses might be field notes, research or hobbies like birding.

Rotate iPhone to landscape to see a log in large text. This is useful when you want to display a message to another person.

You can use buttons if you have a variety of similar things that need to be recorded multiple times and you want to know exactly when and where you recorded that event.

Once you construct a keyboard you can use it to record events that you are interested in with a minimum of friction. Each event is tagged with time and location and can be output in several well known formats; KML, GPX and CSV.

Each button can contain more text than is printed on the label. For example a button labelled "C-Milk" might log "Delicious Chocolate Milk" to the event.

Your keyboards can be exported and be easily distributed to a team of people so that everyone is using the same format.