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Buttocks coach

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Buttocks coach

Buttocks is part of a specialized series of applications designed to offer you fast and effective workouts that fit your lifestyle.

These are effective and free exercises for the press, back and body, which you can perform at a time convenient for you, without thinking about each action. Get video instructions for training, and you will be able to study at any place and under any schedule.

If you want to focus on another part of the body, get acquainted with the full series of applications, which includes workouts for the press and body, buttocks, upper body, lower body, as well as cardio and stretching exercises.

To discover even more effective workouts and try out additional features, install the free application My coach. You will be able to come up with your training program by choosing exercises from the following categories: strength, cardio, pilates and stretching. Create a full-fledged set of exercises that you can do anywhere.

The application uses Health app to display the state of the heart pulse during exercise
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