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Busy Baby

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Busy Baby

Whimsical shapes, vibrant colors, fun letters, and cute creatures; Baby Fidget is designed to capture the attention and joy of your little ones growing imagination through simple hands on interaction and visual flashcard like stimulation.

Babies love to fidget so if you have an Apple Watch, wear it! Open Baby Fidget and let your little one 'fidget' away in a safe zone of colors and design right from your wrist!

Baby Fidget works great here as well. Simply tap the screen to move to the next visual screen (see if they can remember them all).

Even better. Baby Fidget presents amazing on iPad as the large screen highlights the cute and colorful graphics.

Simple taps provide the one skill needed to transition and move among the 50+ beautifully imaginative designs. Tap the sides, top or bottom to navigate through the many tiles of color and joy.

Play-mat inspired colors provide the visual stimulation that will keep your infant entertained and intrigued across all iOS devices.

Tap for sound on the home screen and listen to the music box wind up and play a pleasant lullaby looped for endless listening pleasure. Perfect for the early mornings or long nights needed to provide that extra audible stimulation.

There's no better way to help your little one learn than leading by example and helping them along the way. When not fidgeting their way through the tiles you can use Baby Fidget as a bright and vibrant flashcard set to cover and teach out-loud colors, shapes, letters, animals and direction.

We do NOT collect any personal information.
We do NOT offer in app advertising to clutter the app.
We do NOT sell further products or IAPs within the app.

Baby Fidget works on Watch (which is what inspired us), iPad, iPhone (pay for one, get all 3!)

Let us know what you and your LO think!

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Britney Bachmann