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Business card scanner

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Business card scanner

Forget business cards forever with DropEx. Take a business card, scan it and return! Your new connection will receive your digital business card in 7 seconds!

How does DropEx contact exchange work:
You received a business card from someone you met. Snap a picture of it with DropEx. DropEx will accurately find the contact details on the photo and save them to your phone, and your electronic business card will be instantly sent in an SMS-message and by e-mail to your new friend. Your friend can save your contact in his/her phone book with 1 click. You will be notified if your business card had been viewed and saved.

The next day, DropEx will remind you about the people you met to make it easier for you to follow up, maintain your network and never lose connections.
DropEx - This is the best business card scanner with the function of sending electronic business cards.

Personal QR code:
DropEx will create a personal QR code that can be scanned with the smartphone’s built-in camera. It can be displayed on the Apple Watch screen to exchange contacts even faster. It is an indispensable tool in business, at business meetings, negotiations and conferences. Have someone try it!

You can scan business cards without sending your contacts.
The DropEx business card scanner automatically detects a business card in the frame and perfectly recognizes 15 languages, including Russian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Finnish, French, Czech, Japanese.

Main features of DropEx:
- Create personal electronic business cards for modern exchange of contacts.
- Automatically send your virtual business card when scanning.
- Get notified when someone viewed and saved your business card in their address book.
- Create a QR code with your digital business card which can be quickly scanned by a modern smartphones camera.
- Save scanned business cards in the contacts of your smartphone and inside the application.
- Automatic backup of business cards by E-Mail.
- Ability to establish several personal business cards in different languages ​​and for different occasions.
- View the address from the business card on the map
- Share contacts with DropEx users who are nearby.
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