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Bunco Classic

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Bunco Classic

#1 Bunco app in the App Store Worldwide since 2012! One app for all your Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and Mac). Purchase once, run everywhere.

You get multiple gameplay options including our brand new Bunco Express game and you can now pick classic vs coin gameplay too!

There are six rounds in each set of Bunco. The bell signals the beginning and the end of each round. Players earn points by rolling three dice. In each round, players are trying to roll the same number as the number of the round (for example, rolling at least one 3 in Round 3). One point is awarded for each number rolled that matches the round number. A player continues rolling until no points are scored. The dice then pass to the computer. The round is over when 21 points total is reached. Rolling three-of-a-kind of the same number of the round you're on is a BUNCO! It is worth 21 points! Rolling three-of-a-kind other than the number of the round you're on is worth 5 points.

Score Card is presented at the end of each game.

1 Most Wins (rounds)
2 Most Buncos (total)
3 Highest Score (total)

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