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Bug Smasher Fun Pro

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Bug Smasher Fun Pro

**A lot of bugs - SMALL and BIG - smash them all!**
**Smash bugs with your finger but avoid bees!**

Bug Smasher App is our new colorful mini game. Are you a fan of smash games? Then you should try Bug Smasher App. This game was made for you! Smash bugs with your finger but avoid bees!

All your friends will love it too! You can smash bugs together on one screen! It is very entertaining game for all ages, both children and parents will love it! If you are afraid of different kinds of insects, it is time to get rid of your phobia. Insects in this game are very realistic!

The game becomes more challenging as you go along. Bug Smasher App comes with cute bug graphic and this game is best for players of all ages. If you are looking for a mini game to pass your time with pleasure, then you've just found it! Prepare yourself and start having fun!

How to play: it is very simple, just tap on the bugs to kill them. Pass the bees, they do serious damage!

Bug Smasher App Features:

- Supports multitouch
- A lot of bugs, small and big, to smash
- Different types of insects to smash

- Dangerous bees - don't touch the bee!

- High-score rankings

- A funny app to spend time
- Keeps you busy all the time during the game play, you'll never get bored

Download our Bug Smasher App and have a great time without doing harm to real insects!
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