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Budget is a simple but powerful app to track your variable expenses. It allows you to add costs in a frictionless way. There are several possibilities to do so, such as adding by typing, voice, câmera, Siri shortcuts, and Siri suggestions.
Check how much you have left with just a glance, asking by Siri, widgets, and more.

Budget is designed with you in mind. We strive to give a pleasant experience, making controlling your budget a simple and easy task. So you can spend time on what matters most for you.

Budget is not intended to substitute your all-in-one finance application that synchronizes with every bank in the world. Instead, it's a fine complement that allows you to track your variable expenses in the easiest way possible.

Check some of the Budget features:
Adding expenses
Budget allows you to add expenses in several ways, which gives you the freedom to choose what makes sense at the moment. Add costs by typing, reading receipts from your camera, using your voice, or even creating automation with Siri Shortcuts.

Viewing your budget
Like adding expenses, Budget gives you many ways to check how much you have left. Check your budget with just a glance with Widgets, creating automation with Siri Shortcuts, or asking Siri.

Sync with iCloud
Have your data across all your devices, so you can add costs and check your budget anywhere.

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Our app must be accessible for everybody, no matter what.

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