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Take care of your well-being with classes and fitness programs, Yoga, Pilates, Weight loss, Abs workouts, with or without material.

Our goal is you: we want to help you take care of yourself. With Buddyfit its possible thanks to the variety of classes and programs you can find on our platform.

Training with Buddyfit has changed the lives of millions of users thanks to the unlimited access to more than 600 new workouts every month, live or on-demand ranging between 15 and 60 minutes and catering to all levels.

The app offers programs for a specific number of weeks to help you reach your goals by gradually increasing your intensity: lose weight, strengthen your core, let of steam off and release tension whilst improving your muscle tone.

For the “do it yourself fanatics” we´ve got you covered, thanks to the vast schedule of workouts routines, yoga and meditation exercises it will be possible for you to program your own routines independently following your daily needs.

Thanks to our expert and trainers you can reach your goals in a guided way.

- Weight loss
- Strength
- Tonification
- Flexibility
- Resistance

You just need a Smartphone, Tablet, PC or smart TV to be part of the online wellness revolution, choosing a subscription that fits you, the language preference between English, Spanish and Italian and join Buddyfit now.

Buddyfit uses Apple Healthkit. This way you can synchronize the weight you enter in the app with that of your Iphone Health app.
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