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BuddyConnect™ is design to assist employee wellbeing in the workplace, on boarding of new employees and providing an informal support mechanism. BuddyConnect™ has been created to provide employees with one-to-one trusted buddy relationships outside the scope of traditional organisational management structures. Therefore users are assigned a buddy by their employer upon registration.

Once downloaded users are encouraged to submit their well-being status on a regular basis which is visible to only themselves and their assigned buddy. The well-being status is a simple red, amber or green traffic light system making input quick and dynamic. The well-being tracker is designed to allow users to proactively review their well-being and understand how their working environment is impacting on their well-being. If a user needs support there is multiple support channels a user can access including; chat directly with assigned buddy, take a timeout or formal employee assistive helpline (if provided by employer). This is a peer-to-peer relationship and therefore both buddies are able to receive the same support.

A breakdown of the applications key functionalities are outlined below;
My Profile:
Creation of your own social media inspired profile page. Information includes job role, office location, biography and interests. Also available to view by your corresponding buddy.
My Buddy:
A trusted one-to-one relationship between buddies. Ability to view buddy profile. Bi-directional wellbeing tracking between buddies via ‘View my wellbeing history’.
Wellbeing Tracker:
Simple color-coded anxiety tracker allowing users to share how they’re feeling and get help through multiple support channels. Proactively reviewing wellbeing history to allow users to implement prevention measures.
Ability to chat directly with your buddy via the app. Allows users to communicate outside of formal work channels and can be used as a support mechanism as well as a general communication tool.
Information and education relating to autism and wellbeing. Awareness means more informed colleagues.