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BUDDY by LiveFreely Inc

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BUDDY by LiveFreely Inc

BUDDY by LiveFreely provides innovative digital health technology solutions that empower seniors and their caregivers to live more freely, connected, and independent lives. BUDDY fosters a supportive, sustainable ecosystem of health professionals, families, and friends, promoting greater peace-of-mind, security, and well-being for loved ones.

BUDDY not only detects health issues in seniors but also predicts and prevents them. Best of all, the system works on Apple Watches and Fitbit smartwatches.

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• Automatically detects, predicts, and prevents falls, sending alerts to caregivers
• Monitors gait to detect fall risk
• Allows you to take a picture of your pill bottle to automatically create medication reminders
• Enables you to set multiple location boundaries that let you know where your loved ones are
• Provides code blue alerts for cardiac events
• Through artificial intelligence that collects data points and establishes an individual’s baseline, BUDDY detects irregular health patterns in seniors that can help predict and prevent health issues

Connect your Apple or Fitbit smartwatch with BUDDY app to start having peace of mind today.

BUDDY is proud to leverage the Apple HealthKit and CareKit for activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, gait analysis, fall detection, and geofencing.
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