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Buddhism Complete Guide

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Buddhism Complete Guide

After collecting info about the Buddhism and life of Buddha we have developed this guide based on stories and history.

Mobile guide 100% offline developed for all those travellers willing to discover this incredible religion.

- Introduction
- Life of the Buddha
- History of Buddhism
- Philosophical roots
- Tracing the oldest teachings
- Core teachings
- Indian Buddhism
- Buddhist concepts
- Life and the world
- Suffering's causes and solution
- Nature of existence
- Liberation
- Devotion
- Yoga
- Refuge in the Three Jewels
- Buddhist ethics
- Monastic life
- Meditation
- Samādhi (meditative cultivation): samatha meditation
- In Theravāda
- Prajñā (Wisdom): vipassana meditation
- Zen
- Vajrayana and Tantra
- Development of Buddhism
- Buddhism today
- Schools and traditions
- Theravada school
- Mahayana traditions
- Vajrayana traditions
- Buddhist texts
- Pāli Tipitaka
- Mahayana sutras

Intended to be for travellers to enjoy the best out of new cultures and their visits.

If you have and questions or need support please feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected]

This app contains IAPs for you to enjoy and discover the best out of your visit
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