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B'TWIN Training

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B'TWIN Training

Play a sport with B'TWIN Training as it turns your bike trainer into a powerful and fun fitness. Choose a video and train on the B’twin Training app. The app adjusts the incline or resistance in real-time according to the elevation profile or structured workout.

The popular app is taking the next step to provide sport participants with a platform that will combine kilometers of real-life footage to train indoors as if they were outside, coaching content, multi-player sessions, official indoor races and more.

If you don’t have an interactive machine, you can still activate the front-facing camera as a stride, cadence or stroke sensor. Or pair with any existing Bluetooth smart sensor available on the market (cadence, stride, speed&cadence, heart rate strap or chest belt, power meter…)

Main features:
Thousands of videos are available and new ones uploaded daily: popular routes, iconic climbs or just sightseeing tours. The world is yours.

The app gives you access to a set of structured workouts and interval programs.
Interactive coaching videos are at your disposal for indoor cycling, running and rowing.
You can Follow users and video makers, Like and comment the videos, Access to the notification center, Collect badges and rewards…
The app is optimized on the iPhone and iPad, but you can also do a mirroring to an external screen, using the Apple TV or just a basic HDMI adaptor. A remote display feature is now available, giving you the ability to display the video on any web browser by just flashing the QR code set on
The app is compatible with Apple Watch to receive the heart rate data.
The app can send data to Apple Health like distance, heart rate and calories

- You need to create an account on the Kinomap website to use the app, with the same email address as your Decathlon account
- Compatible with the home trainer brands B’TWIN, Tacx and Elite. But also any Bluetooth sensors (power sensor, speed&cadence sensor, heart rate sensor.)

If you have any issue or question, please reach our support desk directly. This will help us to fix the issue if any as soon as possible. Your feedback is critical to us so feel free to email us at [email protected].
Kinomap SAS