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BtcTurk | Bitcoin Alım Satımı

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BtcTurk | Bitcoin Alım Satımı

BtcTurk, who introduced Bitcoin to Turkey, is Turkey's first and largest Bitcoin (BTC) trading platform with nearly 5 million users. You can securely buy and sell Bitcoin anytime, anywhere on your smartphone and tablet through the BtcTurk mobile application.

With the BtcTurk mobile application:
• You can buy and sell Bitcoin with Turkish Lira easily.
• You can deposit and withdraw Bitcoin for free.
• You can gift Bitcoin with the Gift Bitcoin feature easily.
• You can deposit and withdraw Turkish Lira 24/7 with 7 contracted banks.
• You can deposit and withdraw Turkish Lira with FAST, including weekends and public holidays.
• You can set the Two-Factor Authentication method. (SMS or Authenticator)
• You can set and change your PIN code for your account security.
• You can login to BtcTurk mobile application with face ID or touch ID.

Not registered yet? Register to BtcTurk now and buy and sell Bitcoin in Turkish Lira easily.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin Now
You can deposit Turkish Lira, buy and sell Bitcoin securely by creating an account in just a few minutes. Moreover, Bitcoin transfers are for free!

Deposit TL Easily
You can deposit Turkish Lira to your BtcTurk account by wire transfer or EFT at any time with Akbank, Denizbank, Fibabanka, Türkiye İş Bankası, Vakıfbank, Yapı Kredi and Ziraat Bankası. You can buy Bitcoin immediately with a deposit balance and withdraw your Turkish Lira balance whenever you want. You can deposit 24/7 to all bank accounts within FAST limits and withdraw Turkish Lira instantly with FAST!

Gift Bitcoin
You can easily gift Bitcoin and activate gifted Bitcoin with the Gift Bitcoin feature. You can create, activate gift or check your gift activity.

Safety First
We provide additional security for your Bitcoin withdrawals with mandatory 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) and PIN Code. We store 97% of all digital assets in offline cold wallets.

Follow Bitcoin Price
You can follow the real-time Bitcoin (BTC) price and make an analysis by using the chart.

Buy, Sell Bitcoin in Two Clicks
With the advanced functions of the BtcTurk mobile application, buying and selling transactions are now at your fingertip. You can buy and sell Bitcoin at instant prices with just two clicks.

Bitcoin Wallet
You can store your Bitcoins on BtcTurk safely. You can activate the Bitcoin Wallet when you will transfer Bitcoin and deposit or withdraw at any time without paying any transaction fee. Moreover, your Bitcoins are under extra protection with the Bitcoin Wallet Password!

You can access your Bitcoin and Turkish Lira assets and your other cryptocurrency assets in BtcTurk | PRO in the Wallet screen easily.

You can access your profile information, deposit and withdrawal limits, and assets from the Account screen. You can see your registered bank accounts and Bitcoin addresses and define a new bank and Bitcoin address. You can review your account and user activities as well.

You can change your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) preference (SMS and Authenticator). You can update your Mobile PIN Code, Bitcoin wallet password, and Phishing code. You can change the password of your account or view the security image defined specifically for you. If you wish, you can activate additional security features of your smartphone such as face ID and touch ID on the Security screen.

Anytime Support
You can reach the BtcTurk Support Team at any time via social media or by sending an e-mail to [email protected], and you can connect to the live support line without leaving the application.