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About this App

Keep things simple with BresserSmart. It’s the smart way to connect Bresser weather station products into your smart home environment: quickly and with ease. The App can connect your BresserSmart product with a large variety of other Smart Home compatible products providing you the possibility to truly make your home that much smarter.

What is BresserSmart?
Connect your BresserSmart devices with many other Smart Home devices. Is the sun intensity too bright, automatically lower your window shades. Is the temperature too low, automatically turn on the furnace. There’s a huge variety of things that can be connected to one another.
Your Bresser devices can not only be added with BresserSmart items but with other branded items as long as they are Alexa, Google Assist or IOS compatible.
Add ons
Add ons are expensive? Not with BresserSmart. Just add the devices you want and need. Devices can easily be added to your Smart Home system step by step at later stages when and how you want to.
Ease of use
No additional hub is required, easy to use App to help you with the installation process. Our BresserSmart products are easily configured. Use the functions of your weather station to control a variety of smart home products.
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