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BRX is a multi-sensory breathwork app gamified to train your mental fitness and help you feel great in 5 minutes. Rest, Recharge, Reward.

The BRX app packs 40+ exercises delivered in 5-10 minute tracks. Whether you need to focus before an important event, take a moment to decrease your anxiety, or get some deep, restorative sleep, BRX has you covered.

We’ve partnered with specialists in the fields of music, science and tech, from psycho-musicologists to acclaimed audio producers to proficient app developers to create an experience like no other. Designed to Power Up, Power Down and Lounge/Chill, it uses biometric triggers to recommend the right exercise at the right time.

One way to quantify your wellbeing using biometrics is your heart rate: increased when excited or nervous, and decreased when relaxed or in deep focus. BRX fully integrates with Apple Watch and Apple Health, so you can monitor your heart rate activity while doing a session and examine your progress.

“Story mode” allows tech-savvy users to connect their Web3 platforms to activate Project:BRX, the interactive lore that follows protagonist Binary on their allegorical mission to improve the world’s mental fitness. Pick up a Digital Expression Device, or DEX (our digital collectible) and start your Story Mode adventure.


• Over 40+ contemporary music and science-backed exercises for breathing and sleeping
• Real-time health metrics including heart rate and sleep analysis
• One-stop dashboard and custom recommendations based on health metrics
• Exceptional training programs delivered by leading experts
• Friend function: connect and build your mental fitness community
• Missions: complete a series of curated exercises to improve your performance over time
• Story mode: unlock the Project:BRX Web3 experience


• Feel great in just 5 minutes
• Practical and simple - designed with beginners in mind
• Immediate relief from stressful triggers of modern life
• Habit building - cultivate a better life with these effective techniques
• Prescriptive - we advise best practice based the biometrics of your body’s needs
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