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For busy minds who want to perform at their best, Breathonics is a mental health training app designed to activate the balance of mind and body through guided musical mental fitness training.

We’ve been working on a completely new catalogue of mental fitness workouts just for you. A beautiful combination of contemporary music, leading breathwork guidance, biometric data, and psychoacoustic audio therapy in a style you’ve never tried before. So practice to breathe like a pro, sign up, and join our experts as we show you how to balance your way to success.

We’ve also integrated Apple Watch and Apple Health to give you as much insight as possible along your health and mental fitness journey. This integration allows you to get and record real-time data on heart rate and monitors the BPM change during your breathwork sessions.

We believe rest should be free for everyone! Our immersive power nap and rest and recovery content comes with free lifetime access, and are engineered by leading neuro-musicologists from around the world.

Features Included:
• Guided Breathwork
• Soundscapes - Lifetime free access
• Apple Watch Integration
• Apple Health Integration
• Real-Time data feedback on Heart Rate
• Weekly Goal
• Mindful Minutes

Breathonics is split into two sections, ‘Power Ups’ and ‘Power Downs’

‘Power Up’ workouts are crafted to try and activate your Autonomic Nervous System before that important event. Whether it's a life-changing boardroom meeting or taking your team onto the pitch for the finals, these exercises will try to help you improve mental clarity, mental focus and balance. Power Up’s use higher frequencies, stronger breathing patterns and Psychoacoustic triggers.

Enjoy exclusive exercises such as 'Techno Climb‘, a powerful 'Tech Breath‘ exercise engaging the diaphragm across 12 sets and 4 reps.

'Power Down’ workouts integrate lower level delta frequencies, softer psychoacoustic triggers and exercises programmed to try and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, potentially helping you find balance and fast relaxation.

Check out tracks like 'Beach Rest‘, a 4-4-8 exercise consisting of 1 set and 12 reps.


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