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Breathing Exercises AntiStress

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Breathing Exercises AntiStress

Breathing techniques and exercises aim to improve one’s physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual health. There are a variety of ancient and modern methods that involve consciously changing our breathing patterns for mindfulness, self-care, and healing.

Practicing regularly has been scientifically proven to aid in many areas of our lives. Here are the most common benefits:

● Reduce Stress and Anxiety ● Promotes relaxation and combats fight-or-flight mode
● Better Physical Health ● Helps to increase oxygen intake, boost immunity, and release toxins
● Positive Mood ● Brings awareness to the present, promoting mindfulness and gratitude
● Better Sleep ● Quiets the mind and relaxes the nervous system
● Pain Reduction ● Helps to release endorphins
● Improved Body Functions ● Increases blood flow, assists in digestion and reduces blood glucose

Learn and feel the power of just Beathe App with guided exercises. Use the same techniques that are used by Psychologists, Olympic Athletes, Yoga Experts, Navy SEALs, and Zen Masters.

Just Breathe contains:

● Countdown Timer
● Instrumental Relaxing Melodies to help You with your Breath Focus
● Nature Sounds to Calm Your mind
● Various Settings to improve the quality of Breathing Sessions

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