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Breathing Exercise

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Breathing Exercise

The goal of this app is to provide an intuitive, straight forward and distraction free experience around practicing breathing exercises that are considered or known to be beneficial to your health and well-being. Visual, haptic and auditory queues will lead through the exercise and indicate whether to breath in, breath out, or to hold the breath. Just select how long to do the exercise for and let the app provide guidance and pacing to keep your breaths consistent.

Adjust the practice to your preferences by configuring vibration or voice feedback, ambient background audio and the duration for individual breathing cycles. Apple Watch is supported as well with an aligned interface. It is recommended to use the iPhone app and its larger screen first to get more information about breathing exercises and to find the most suitable ones.

This app does not share any data other than indicates as follows. It does track completed sessions for history purposes, and synchronizes them to your personal iCloud account to make them available across your devices. On Apple Watch, it also integrates into the Health App. With your authorization the app gathers heart rate data to provide in the exercise summary. All other data remains on device only in order to respect your privacy.
Stefan Hessler