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Pine lets you find a moment to relax with deep breathing exercises, ambient sounds, and a personal Journal. Pine guides you through deep breathing exercises on your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Pine features up to 8 different breathing exercises, each designed to target different types of stress, anxiety, fatigue, and depression. There are also range of ambient sounds with up to 16 different sounds in Pine.

Pine has a personal journal built right in, so you can record the daily events throughout your day. The journal also features an emotions log, so you can record your emotions during the day, and the thoughts and/or events that lead may have caused those feelings.

Pine Premium gives you access to the journal, all breathing exercises and ambient sounds.

Pine Premium syncs to all of your devices.

Complete Feature List:
* 8 deep breathing exercises.
* Ability to change the duration of your breathing exercise between 1 minute and 15 minutes (10 minutes on Apple Watch).
* A great design that helps you relax.
* 8 high-quality ambient sounds.
* Ambient Sounds can play in the background or while your phone is asleep.
* Reminders to take a minute to relax every day.
* Works with Apple Health: Sync Mindfulness Minutes with the Health App.
* iCloud syncing between your devices so all of your breathing exercises and journal entries stay in sync.
* Universal Purchases with Pine Premium, pay on one device to get access to Pine Premium on all of your supported devices.

Thank you for considering Pine, I hope it helps you improve your life and allows you to take a minute to appreciate the day,
Bean's Bytes, LLC