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Breath Hold Trainer Pro

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Breath Hold Trainer Pro

If you want to be a professional diver or are just searching for a way to enhance your breathing skills – you've found what you are looking for! Breath Hold Trainer is the perfect to way to improve this ability! Holding your breath is highly beneficial for your health:
- it trains your lungs making them work better
- you learn to control your breath better and retain it calm in any situations
- if you are a fan of fitness or yoga than it is essential to your exercises
You can also track the dynamics of your skills via detailed chart. To make it more entertaining there are witty and challenging achievements – try to get them all!

How does it work?
Hold your breath and press the start button simultaneously. When you're done press the button again. The app will show you your result and tell you if it's good or bad. You can always track the dynamics of your skill in the Statistics tab.

The reasons to use Breath Hold Trainer:
- improving this skill helps you in everyday life;
- detailed chart will help you to track the skills dynamics;
- cheering phrases and funny achievements will keep you entertained.

Learn to control your breath and be healthy! Breath Hold Trainer will help you wherever you are!
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