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BreakingTime · Smart Reminder for Work & Rest

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BreakingTime · Smart Reminder for Work & Rest

BreakingTime helps you improve your work habits, allows you to rest routinely during work, avoiding prolonged screen watching, sedentary lumbar injuries and other bad habits.

= Special Feature =
1. Daily Schedule: Enter your work and rest plannning, automatically remind you to rest every day
2. Work Timer: Work every X hours, Rest X minutes, an alarm which can be used at any time
3. Charts Statistics: Intuitive and beautiful work-break chart
4. History: Support data Export and Share
5. Reminds Ringtones: A variety of sound options
6. More: More detailed features await your exploration

Resting routinely makes your work more efficient and a better performance! Remember to stretch your body, drink and eat fruits during your break.
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