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Break 147

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Break 147

For snooker players everywhere. Keep track of your scores and breaks as you play snooker. Using either your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Don’t travel around the table to get to the score board anymore. You can now just concentrate on the game and your next shot.

Pot a ball and then a quick twist of your wrist and tap on your Apple Watch or iPhone. Record every shot, pot, break, frame and match you play.

An easy interface on your iPhone and an easy simple interface on your Apple Watch.

If you make a mistake you can quickly edit your last break.
If you accidentally tap the wrong ball then quickly tap the undo.
Easy to add a foul pot.
Intelligent in following the rules as closely as possible without hindering usability.

Give it a go. Evaluate the app for free, If you like the App then there is an low price In-App purchase for all unrestricted Match Play features.

Free Version:
1) Limited to one Match.
2) Limited to three frames
3) Frame time limit of 30 minutes
Positive Covariance