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Breadcrumbs Watch

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Breadcrumbs Watch

See the total distance traveled today!

Breadcrumbs Watch records your position in the background, calculates the total distance traveled today and shows it on its watch complication.

If you also happen to use the standalone Breadcrumbs iOS app (highly recommended!), you can easily share the location data points collected by the watch app and have the entire location history displayed on the map of your Breadcrumbs iOS app. Please note that location sharing in the standalone app is a premium feature and requires subscription. The watch app itself however requires no additional subscription.

Location information is collected approximately once every 10 to 15 minutes provided the application complication is on your active watch face, the watch is unlocked and the watch battery is not on its power reserve.

Breadcrumbs respects your privacy and stores your location data on your device only. If you use the location sharing feature, your location data will always be end-to-end encrypted so only the intended recipient and no one else, not even the developer of this app, will be able to decrypt it.

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