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Bravia Controller

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Bravia Controller

Bravia Controller is an app for controlling Sony BRAVIA TV through local Wi-Fi network.

Main features

1. Normal function keys
Bravia Controller offers features for controlling your BRAVIA TV just like the remote controller.
The main features are:

- Power ON/OFF your TV
- Change Volumn
- Turn Channel
- Arrow Key Pannel
- Home Key
- Return Key
- Mute Key
- Option Key

2. Keyboard
Bravia Controller make typing on TV more simple by providing keyboard.
You can sync your words to TV in a very simple way.
It also provide Numeric Keyboard to turn channel.

- Keyboard
- 10 Keys Numberic Keyboard

3. Launch TV apps
Bravia Controller provide shortcut buttons to launch a TV app by one click.
That only support the installed app.

- Shortcut Keys

4. Auto scan local network
Bravia Controller can auto scan your local network to discover the BRAVIA TV,and provide a simple way to connect.
And of course you can input the IP of BRAVIA TV manually.

- Auto Scan
- Quick Connect

5. Notice
Bravia Controller is not made by SONY, and we are not supported by SONY.
If you have any qustions ,you can contact us by :

Email: [email protected]

Check here to see the detail of Price & Keys :