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BPM Running Player

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BPM Running Player

BPM Running Player is a music player for BPM running that plays songs at a speed that matches the running rhythm.

1. Tap the button more than 5 times according to the running rhythm.

2. Just press the play button! (The tempo of the song is analyzed on the application side.)

Changing songs :
Please select from the iPhone music application, and use the playlist.
(Tap Album Art to open Music app.)

Fix BPM :
Tapping BPM beside album art will bring up menu

DRM protected songs such as Apple Music can not be played, please select songs imported from CD in iTunes or purchased in the iTunes Store.

■ Apple Watch ■
You need to transfer songs for the BPM running player.
Select a playlist from the "Watch" button and transfer it.

Slow: Bluetooth
Fast: Wi-Fi

HowTo :
Hiroshi Kaito