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This app features both a precise BPM counter and a multi-sensory metronome.

Just tap along to music and the tempo will show. Then let the metronome play exactly the same tempo as sound, flashes and haptic pulses.

The BPM counter never requires to be manually reset. It is intelligent enough to recognize when you change the tempo and swiftly resets itself and adapts to the new tempo.

The new metronome can easily be set with the same tempo as you’d tapped and play it for you to give the support you require.
This is not only an ordinary metronome that gives away a tick-tock sound, it can also flash the tempo with the torch or by altering the brightness of the screen in addition to convey the tempo with vibrations or haptic pulses that you can feel.
Naturally, the sleek, minimalistic design is prepared for dark mode.
Joakim Kungsman