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Bosteko Score

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Bosteko Score

If you like basketball and writing down your own score, this is your application.

A simple and easy way to use a Basketball score, so that you will not miss anything that happens on the field, and the possibility to tweet the result with the push of a button to inform the rest of the fans.

Total and partial score of each period:

Points the score of the game by pressing the points you want to add or subtract, that's under the scoreboard of each team.

Select the period in which they are playing, so that the partial points are saved in the box.

Customize the name that appears on the markers with the real teams, clicking on the "Edit" button that is located right on the navigation bar.

Erases all data by clicking on the "Trash" button on the left navigation bar.

Tweets the result:

By simply pressing a button, you can tweet the result with a predefined message, with the names of the teams, score and played period, plus the custom text you have entered in the customization screen of the match and the text you want to add and / or modify .

NOTE: To tweet the result or score, you have to have a Twitter account set up on your device.
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