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Bookkeeping & Budget

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Bookkeeping & Budget

Accounting · Budget is an accounting application. By recording daily expenses, you can have a clear understanding of your personal financial situation, and help users more rationally control and manage their own finances.


The main function:

1. Bill: Display the income and expenditure details and total income and expenditure in the selected time period.

2. Search: You can search the account details in the selected time period according to the amount, category, and remark keywords, and you can print these details.

3. Automatic bookkeeping: According to the selected category and automatic bookkeeping mode, the automatic record function can be completed automatically within a certain period of time.

4. Budget: Just select the category and time period you want to budget, and you can easily achieve the smart budget effect.

5.Calendar: It can display the total income and expenditure of the current month, as well as the income and expenditure details of the selected Zhongtian.

6. Chart: The pie chart shows the income and expenditure situation and the proportion of each detail category in the selected time period; the histogram / line chart shows the income and expenditure trend situation in the selected time period; supports the screenshot function of the chart.

7. Data export: Supports export of detailed account data in PDF, HTML and CSV formats.

8. Categories: Provide default common categories, users can also add desired categories on their own.

9. Data backup: Provides iCloud data backup function.

10. Password: You can set the APP password to protect data security.
Yong Niu