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bondi superapp

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bondi superapp

Introducing the ultimate new adventure companion: Welcome to bondi!

Whether you’re looking to traverse the city, find the latest hotspots and events, or just what’s new and trending, bondi got you covered. We’re aiming to simplify the navigation of life in the Netherlands by offering an easy-to-use, stylish and community-driven app which encapsulates all your daily needs.

Ride in Style!
Need a quick ride to work? Got a party to get to? Or just gotta get home quickly to play Fortnite with the squad? Try bondi and unleash the thrill of shared mobility! We put the power in your hands. Zip through the city on the best of the best in the game of rental scooters, bikes, cars & more.

Event Explorer: Your City, Your Playground
But wait, there's more! We aren’t just about getting from A to B – it's about the journey AND the destination. We’ve collaborated with various social and events platforms to discover the latest, greatest and hottest happenings in your city. From music festivals to art exhibits, pub quizzes to film clubs or social gatherings to quirky pop-ups, clear your calendar, bondi’s here for you.

Community Marketplace
We’re also about community. It’s the journey, the destination, and everything in between, I guess. For all your pre-loved needs, bondi’s all about sharing. Need a screwdriver fast? A new book for a Sunday afternoon? Or just looking to sell that old laptop you haven’t used in a while? Try bondi - maybe someone nearby will back you up. Get and give items for free, lend a hand, or sell for the big bucks. Our simple marketplace platform allows it all. Let’s fight waste!

Additionally, our innovative new AI technology makes finding your ideal hotspot even easier. If you’re looking for drinks with friends, delicious new cuisines to sample, or a new club to dance the night away, but not quite sure where to go? - we make it easy. Our simple-to-navigate search tool recommends you the places-to-be with just a few keywords. All the information in one quick search! Let’s keep the good times rolling in 2024!

Why bondi?
Because life's an adventure, and we're your trusty sidekick! bondi isn’t just an app, it's your passport to urban exploration, shared moments, and unforgettable experiences.

And don’t worry. There's much, much more to come. Our bondi detectives are already exploring ideas for more new features. Enjoy exclusive discounts, deals, dating and more as bondi’s superapp expands. Stay tuned!

Ready to cruise, schmooze, and make your city your playground? Download bondi today!

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P.S.S. We’ve combined forces with some of the biggest names in shared mobility: Check, Felyx, and Go Sharing - just to name a few - to create a platform which fulfils all your travelling desires in just a few clicks. One app - every provider.

Not only that, but we’re working with BASH Social, MapsUntold and Peerby to bring it all together. There's no point in navigating the city if you don’t know where to go, right? If you’re looking for a fun night out, interested in meeting new people, or looking to buy and trade goods, our wonderful social and events platforms got you covered.