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Body Scale Buddy

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Body Scale Buddy

Probably the quickest app for tracking and analysing body weight, integrated with the Apple Health App.

No frills, no distractions: no mascots, no challenges, no badges. But with privacy protection: your data is stored exclusively in the Health app via HealthKit integration and thus has maximum protection.

Quick use:
- Step on scale
- Read weight
- Set value on your iPhone or Apple Watch
- Immediately compare with a comprehensive trends chart.

So you know right away if your body weight is going the right way.

You know yourself what to do then. If you need the help of animals or fairies, then Body Scale Buddy Pro might not be right the app for you. Not that there's anything wrong with listening to dolphins, but this app prefers to be concise and fast.

Quickly enter / save current body weight (Apple Watch + iPhone)
Summary trends graph (Apple Watch + iPhone: last 8 days)
List of recent body weight records (Apple Watch + iPhone: last 8 days)
Swipe to delete (Apple Watch + iPhone)
Supports pounds, kilogram and stones (Apple Watch + iPhone)
Directly read / write data to Apple Health App thanks to HealthKit Integration. (Apple Watch + iPhone)
Supports dark mode

Apple Watch, HealthKit and iPhone are Trademarks of Apple Inc.
Matthias Deuschl