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Body Mass

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Body Mass

Simply an awesome weight tracker for Apple Watch. iCloud backups. Apple Health sync. Free. Zero Ads. No in-app purchases.

Weight tracking boosts your efficiency in terms of your time and workouts. Not only will it push you to do better, but will also drive you to be your own competition!

We have a responsibility to ourselves for our health. No one can make us lose weight or choose healthy foods. We must decide this for ourselves. Logging daily is important, it keeps healthy habits in front of our minds. Every time we make a log entry, we are reminded of our commitment to health. Skipping a day here and there makes it easier to skip 2 days, then 3 days. Then, before you know it, you’ve stopped and you are back to your old habits.

• Save body weight
• Data records history
• Minimalist style
• Large text
• Auto calculation weight gain or loss
• Does not need companion iPhone app
• Apple Health sync
• iCloud backups
• Support pounds, kilograms, and stones
• 100% free, no ADs, no in-app purchases

• All watch sizes
• All types of complications
• Shows most recent weight
• Progress bar shows min, max, and current weight
• Weight gain or loss difference
• Most current record date

Privacy is not something you are merely entitled to, it is an absolute prerequisite. At Martspec, we believe privacy is a fundamental human right. So we built it into our products from the beginning of the design process.
We do not share your data with any 3rd party. We do not use it for advertisement purposes and do not use it for profit. Your data is stored only on your Apple service (Apple Health store and iCloud). We do NOT store your data on our servers.

At Martspec, we are committed to providing you with a simple and efficient way of logging your measurements. Our aim is to make the process as easy as possible for you, as we believe that the simpler it is, the more likely you are to stay on track and achieve your health and wellness goals. With our assistance, improving your health and making the world a healthier place has never been easier.

Several people dedicated their time, for free, to engineer this app. Our resources are limited and we would appreciate it if you report any problems you encounter with the app. If you have some great ideas to improve the app - we want to know them. Please write that into the app review on App Store so that we and others can see it. Alternatively, you can reach us via social networks. Hopefully, with your help, we can deliver the best app ever. Thank you!

Martspec LLC