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Body and Weight

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Body and Weight

Body and Weight is a body and weight tracker. This app will help you to get control over your body, health, mind, and improve yourself every day!

• Progress: Track all the way to your goal.
• Daily Goals: Set and complete your daily goals.
• Measurements: Get a measurement of your body.
• Visual Progress: Watch your body visual changes.
• Water Balance: Control water balance in the body.
• Sounds: Sounds for calm and sleep.
• Logbook: Keep track of all changes in your body.
• Reminder: Choose days and time for weighing.
• Update Weight: The simplest way to update the weight.
• Goal Chart: See how close you are to your goal.
• Apple HealthKit integration.
• Apple Watch app.

You can use an app for free with basic functions or get unlimited access.
Body and Weight offer two auto-renewing subscriptions with 7-day free trial:
• $1.99 per month
• $9.99 per year
No commitments. Cancel anytime.

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