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BMC Remedy with Smart IT

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BMC Remedy with Smart IT

BMC Remedy with Smart IT delivers an innovative, modern service management experience enabling a more knowledgeable and collaborative workforce organized around IT roles, not modules. Smart IT's persona-based experience empowers everyone, giving all users easy access and streamlined service delivery, regardless of position. Smart IT boosts meaningful customer engagements, especially at the point of service where field technicians can make the most impact. Drive strategic business transformation with an amazing user experience that’s been lauded by many industry analysts.

Intelligent Interactions
Smart IT adds intelligence and insight to the service desk process by populating customer profiles, historical data, and dynamic resource suggestions from a single view. With key features such as the Smart Recorder, IT teams can achieve a more productive and knowledgeable staff with data-driven insights.

Comprehensive Mobility
With a design purpose-built for mobile access, rather than desktop functions crammed into the mobile environment, Smart IT is a must for on-the-go IT staff. Responsive, accurate service delivery and real-time knowledge are available for the remote workforce.

Collaboration & Insight
Smart IT offers a social platform based on teamwork and immediate knowledge sharing. IT staff can create their own profiles, share articles, access online IT discussions, and use standard social tools to follow or “like” certain commentary or people on the team. Connect experts to requesters by promoting teamwork and real-time knowledge-sharing.
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