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BluLines Pro

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BluLines Pro

Pro Features:
• Auto Folders: create smarter folders with filters to find your notes quicker in one tap.
• Folder Themes: set theme for individual folders.
• Tri-Panel Mode, see folders, notes and editor on one screen on your iPad.

• Powerful note editing keyboard with quick access to Custom Keyboard, Highlighting.
• Add and view almost any type of file as a Document, not just office files anymore.
• Folder name highlighting: make your important folders stand out.
• Individual folder sort modes.
• Note Locate, quickly find the first note starting with the first letter or phrase in a folder
• Individual note font, choose from all the available iOS fonts.
• Bold, Italics, Underline, Strike text and more highlighting colors.
• Export a note to iCloud Drive with attachments and rich text format (RTF) with highlighting.
• Trash folder.

Many original features:
+ Note attachments: photos, documents, voice recordings, drawings, video links.
+ Folder Groups
+ Turn folder into a to-do list
+ Passcode lock
+ Themes
+ Reminders

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