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Bluetooth Terminal

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Bluetooth Terminal

## Version 3 is now available ##

With Bluetooth LE Terminal you can easily prototype your Bluetooth Smart enabled hardware. Send individual bytes encoded as ASCII, HEX or Decimal numbers and receive data from your hardware accessory.

Test your data transfers even before having your own app!

# More Features:
• Send bytes as ASCII, HEX or Decimal
• See device's services and characteristics and their associated values
• Get information about your device such as name, UUID, and RSSI readings
• Setup a button matrix (game controller) to send different data with just a tap.
• Apple Watch support for button matrix
• Send the current time as a unix timestamp (seconds since 1970)
• Export current session as CSV
• Use the app in split-view or slide-over on iPad

If you have any questions about the app, or requests for features you would like to see, just write a short review or use the button inside the app to contact me!

* Some features may require an optional one-time in app purchase.
Lukas Pistrol