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Bluetooth+ for Blackmagic

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Bluetooth+ for Blackmagic

Connect to your Pocket Cinema Camera 4K / 6K and Ursa Mini Pro right from your iPhone or iPad in one universal app.

Using the built-in Bluetooth in your camera, Bluetooth+ gives you the ability to wirelessly control the following functions:
• Follow Focus (limited support for EF Mount cameras). See below for more info
• Zoom Control on supported lenses
• Trigger Stills capture
• Record Start/Stop
• White Balance, including 5 helpful presets and Auto White Balance
• Green/Magenta Tint
• Trigger Autofocus (for supported electronic lenses with autofocus enabled on lens)
• Off-speed frame rates
• Aperture (for supported electronic lenses)
• Shutter Angle
• Auto-Exposure Control
• Active Card
• Power On/Off
• Monitor Overalys
• Codec & Resolution
• Enter metadata in the Digital Slate (including location data from your iPhone or iPad if you give permission)
• Control Lock - locks critical controls while recording, preventing accidental settings changes during takes

-- Follow Focus --
You can now pull focus wirelessly right from your iPhone or iPad. There are some limitations outlined below.
• Currently only fully supports Pocket 4K, but as of v1.4 we now have limited support for EF mount cameras - Pocket 6K, Ursa Mini Pro G1 & G2
• The camera does not supply the app with any information on the lenses current focus distance, so the app will not update in real time if you pull focus manually on the lens
• Due to the nature of bluetooth, focus pulls may not be 100% smooth. It works well for nice slow pulls, but fast pulls my not feel entirely natural and organic. Unfortunately this is a limitation of the available technology.
• On EF mount cameras, we can only offset focus from its current position, with no broader knowledge of where the lens is in its focus range. This means that focus marks are not possible. In addition, focus pulls on EF mount cameras can be quite jerky depending on the lens in use.

-- Playback Control --
With Bluetooth+ you can control the playback of clips right from your iOS device. There are some notable limitations at this point. Currently you can:
• Start playing a clip, either forwards or backwards
• Navigate between clips, either forwards or backwards

For now, you will not be able to:
• Pause a clip that is already playing
• Change the speed of a clip that is already playing
• Control clip looping

-- Zoom Control --
Control the zoom level on supported lenses. For the most part, this will only work on MFT lenses with electronic zoom. We are currently unaware of EF lenses that support this feature

-- Slate-Only Mode --
As the name suggests, this feature locks the app into Slate-Only mode, without the ability to change critical camera settings or start/stop recording. This means you can let an assistant keep metadata up to date without the fear of interfering with important camera settings.
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