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Bluebird Focus Timer

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Bluebird Focus Timer

Bluebird is a time management app for study and work.

It combines a Pomodoro-style focus timer with a to-do list, helps you overcome procrastination, stay focused, and make progress.

## Key Features

・Flexible focus timer (based on the Pomodoro Technique)
・Simple-but-powerful task management (with duration, priority, start/due date, repeat & tags)
・Time tracking (record all the time you put in and review later)
・Background sounds (white noise & all kinds of sounds from nature)
・Widgets of all sizes (tasks & focus progress on the Home screen)
・iCloud sync (keep your data up to date across all devices)
・SharePlay (focus together with your friends)
・Strict privacy policy (zero data collection)

**Also available on Apple Watch**

・Stay focused everywhere (with/without your iPhone)
・Haptic focus reminders (a silent but impactful way to keep you focused)
・Complications of all sizes (your daily effort & focus progress at a glance)
・Optimized for Always-On display (minimal energy consumption)
・Instant sync (always in line with the iOS app)

## Who is Bluebird for?

・Students who want to stay focused on their study
・Remote workers / freelancers who want to be more productive
・Anyone who want to spend their time wisely


May the bluebird of happiness cross your path.


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