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Bloody Good Vegan Food

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Bloody Good Vegan Food

There are many positive things about eating plant-based food: it’s good for animals, the environment and for us humans. But the step from eating the food we grew up with to starting to eat more vegetarian or vegan may feel far off. Do I have to stop eating scrambled eggs for brunch or give up my favorite meal with meatballs? No!

In "Bloody Good" Gustav Johansson shows us how we can cook both the dishes we recognize from childhood and modern classics in a new way. The dishes are based entirely on plant-based ingredients, but stay calm - Gustav teaches you how to best use them to get the right texture and the most flavor. And rest assured, it will be really good!

Gustav Johansson runs the blog “Jävligt Gott”, which is Sweden's largest vegan food blog. But it's not a blog about vegan food. “Jävligt Gott” is a blog that wants to inspire others to cook more food by showing how easy and delicious it can be and how meat doesn’t have anything to do with it.

• The app will contain all 143 vegan recipes from the cookbooks.
• Vegan cookbook with common dishes that people recognize. You will get recipes for vegan meatballs, not chia puddings.
• Gustav Johansson is one of Sweden’s biggest vegan food bloggers with a large following on social media.
• A cookbook that uses processed foods without shame.
• A great help in everyday life but also for the holidays. How do you cook a vegan Christmas dinner? You’ll find the answer here.
• A contemporary, sustainable, cookbook. If we eat less meat, we and the world will feel a little better.
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