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Blood Sugar Log Book

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Blood Sugar Log Book

Blood Sugar Log Book,

It is a simple but very convenient and easy app to use.
No longer need to carry around your pen & paper logbook, When you have this app you can ensure you can log and track your sugars anywhere you are.

-Offline App Built First
It is firstly an offline app that can be used anywhere or anytime no matter where you are at or doing. Regardless if you carry your phone with you or not, This will ensure you have your logbook to track your sugars with you.

-Simple Clean Interface
Using an app shouldn't be hard, especially with limited screen area such as a watch. This app shows you all the need to know information very quickly and easily.
It highlights how your sugars are looking based on a 70-130 scale.

-iCloud Sync
The data will be synced to iCloud once online connectivity is available. This is for ease of exporting your data to show your doctor.
Bobby Prather