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Blood Pressure Tracker App+

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Blood Pressure Tracker App+

Blood Pressure Tracker is a blood pressure app that helps you track and monitor your blood pressure at your convenience. You can log your BP, pulse, weight, blood glucose, blood oxygen, and more. There is also a spot for notes, so you can add whatever additional information you need, like how you are feeling that day that may have an effect on your blood pressure, like tired, stressed, anxious, etc.

The Blood Pressure App also allows you to track your medications. Search from a list of medications, add notes, and include your dosage. This allows you to keep your list of medications with you whether it is for yourself, a loved one or healthcare professional. You can export this list of medications through a report and send to anyone.

This blood pressure app has an unlimited history and will calculate your average for you as well. Keeping track of your blood pressure over a period of time is the best way to ensure good health. Each log will also display the date and time to ensure you know when exactly you took the measurement. Blood Pressure Tracker also syncs with Apple Health to log your blood pressure and pulse data directly to the Health app!

The app also allows you to view graphs and generate custom reports. The graphs allow you to spot trends and the PDF reports allow you to share your data with anyone. You can send via text, email and more.

Blood Pressure App is your companion app to help you against hypertension! Using a blood pressure app tracker has been shown to be effective in managing blood pressure.
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