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Blood pressure app BreathNow

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Blood pressure app BreathNow

BreathNow is a powerful blood pressure app and stress monitor which helps to relax and lower heart health risks with breathing exercises, meditations and more. Includes cardio fitness test from the University of Cambridge. Requires external blood pressure monitor to take blood pressure readings.

Key app features:
Measure heart rate, stress and cardio fitness with your phone’s camera.
Track and lower blood pressure and pulse with calming activities, no meds
Get daily cardio insights and manage heart health risks
Perform slow breathing and meditate to lower anxiety, BP and stress
Fall asleep easily with guided breathing on Apple Watch
Easily measure which relaxation techniques worked best for you
The main advantage of BreathNow blood pressure app is that it is not only a blood pressure & heart rate monitor and stress monitor. It also provides practical tools to lower blood pressure and heart rate with meditation, slow breathing and more. It alerts you to key heart risk areas and suggests activities to lower these risks.

Measure heart rate, stress and cardio fitness (VO2Max) with your phone’s camera, no external sensors needed. Our cardio fitness (VO2Max) test is developed by scientists from the University of Cambridge. Do breathing exercises or meditate. Measure stress again and see which exercises worked best for you.

Enter your blood pressure data manually or connect your external blood pressure monitor to Apple Health via Bluetooth and analyse what activities helped you to lower blood pressure. Your data are stored securely in Apple Health and you may print them out or share remotely with your doctor.

BreathNow alerts you to important cardio signals like elevated heart rate, blood pressure, and irregular heart rhythm (also known as Afib) and low blood oxygen level if it is detected by your Apple Watch.

If BreathNow identifies a risk area from one of the daily indicators, it will suggest a user to perform an activity from an extended list to reduce a heart health risk. Choose between: slow breathing, meditation, acupressure, calming music, yoga and other activities. The list of breathing exercises includes lower BP breathing, 4-7-8 meditation breathing exercise, IMST breathing exercise, box breathing etc.

Connect your blood pressure monitor to Apple Health for automatic data download or enter blood pressure monitor readings manually.

Use Apple Watch to perform breathing exercises discreetly, without looking at the screen of your phone. No need to switch off your Apple Watch as it will fall asleep automatically after you do.

BreatheNow blood pressure app features:
+ Free heart rate and stress monitor for iPhone and Apple Watch
+ Free blood pressure tracker
+ Free daily heart risk insights
+ Free cardio fitness test from the University of Cambridge
+ Free breathing exercise to lower blood pressure for iPhone and Apple Watch
+ Free instructional videos to lower heart health risks
+ Plan to lower blood pressure
+ Broad selection of meditation and other activities to lower anxiety, BP, stress and pulse
+ Reminders
+ Your data stored securely in Apple Health

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Supports iPhone with iOS14 and above.

We offer auto-renewing in-app subscriptions for a Pro version which includes all heart rate meditation, breathing exercise app, meditation breathing exercise. Payments will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews at the end of the period unless cancelled by the user.

PLEASE NOTE: Heart rate monitor results may differ from heart rate measured by a medical device. BreathNow blood pressure app requires an external blood pressure monitor for taking blood pressure readings.

DISCLAIMER: BreathNow blood pressure app does NOT provide medical diagnosis or treatment advice. Please seek doctor's advice for any medical decisions.
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