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Blood Oxygen

by Apple
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Blood Oxygen

by Apple
With the Blood Oxygen app on Apple Watch Series 6 or later*, you can measure the blood oxygen saturation levels directly from your wrist. Using the blood oxygen sensor on Apple Watch, the Blood Oxygen app can help you assess oxygen levels in your blood and get insights into how well your body is absorbing oxygen and overall wellness.


• Allows you to take on-demand blood oxygen measurements.

• Performs periodic background measurements throughout the day and overnight if you wear your Apple Watch to sleep.

• Stores all measurements in the Health app on iPhone, with the ability to filter and view measurements taken while asleep or in a high-elevation environment.

*Blood Oxygen app is not supported by Apple Watch SE. The ability to measure Blood Oxygen is no longer available on Apple Watch units sold by Apple in the United States on or after January 18, 2024. These are indicated with part numbers ending in LW/A.