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Blood Alcohol Track Calculator

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Blood Alcohol Track Calculator

This blood alcohol calculator is a must-have if you track your alcohol consumption, especially if you have an Apple Watch.

Core functions:

1. This app uses the Apple Health app database to securely store information on how much alcohol you’ve consumed. See below for further information.

2. Apple Watch is fully supported. With smart background synchronization between your iPhone and Watch, the Watch app also works if you don’t have your iPhone with you. Watch app loading times have been reduced to a minimum, so you won’t feel like it’s tied to your iPhone.

All possible complications are supported by the Watch so you can see your current blood alcohol level at a glance.

You don’t need an Apple Watch to use the app. But, you do need an iPhone. An iPad won’t work as your age, weight, height and sex information stored in Apple Health is used to calculate your blood alcohol level, ensuring that your level is always calculated using your latest information (e.g. current weight and age).
For added security, Alcohol Tracker only stores your most recent blood alcohol level in the app – your full alcohol consumption history is stored exclusively in the Health app, nowhere else. For more information, see the Alcohol Tracker privacy provisions relating to the Health app.

The Health app lets you export the full database whenever you want so you can analyze it on other devices.

Your current blood alcohol concentration is calculated using Widmark and Watson formulas. The Seidl formula is used to fine-tune the calculation to account for sex. In no way does the app pretend to be accurate by logging the stomach contents or how long it takes to consume each drink. As these factors vary from one person to another, they do not actually provide a more accurate value. Therefore the average is always assumed, and drinks should always be logged once you have finished consuming them.

For questions or suggestions, simply contact me via the website or by email.

What the Alcohol Tracker _doesn’t_ do:

- Provide an exhaustive database populated with drinks. You will need to add most drinks yourself.
- Offer a supposed accuracy like other blood alcohol calculators.
- The app is not a guide as to whether you can drive or not. After your first sip, stay away from the wheel!
Florian Kriesche