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BlockJockey is the best tool to explore the Bitcoin blockchain. The app lets you navigate and search the blockchain and provides you additional statistics data in beautiful chart form.


Navigate the blockchain in an intuitive way:
• Scroll through the blockchain
• Tap a block to show detail information
• Star blocks for later investigation with a long tap
• Search one or more blocks based on the block height using wildcard search patterns
• See new blocks coming in while you use the app


Get statistics data for the most interesting aspects of the blockchain:
• Bitcoin price and trading volume
• Market capitalization
• Transaction count and volume
• Mined blocks and average mining time
• Miners’ revenues
• Total network hash rate and difficulty


Get chart data ranging from the beginning of the Bitcoin network just until now:
• Chose the time period of interest
• Pick your preferred zoom level
• Scroll the chart to the area of interest
• Move the date selector right in the chart
• Alternatively swipe at the bottom half of the screen


Get geographical data for the world-wide distribution of the full nodes constituting the Bitcoin network
• Zoom the map to see node count on country, region or location level
• Chose statistics per country, user agent, provider or population
• Filter data for criteria of interest
• Select entries for a detailed view of single nodes
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