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Blinq makes it easy to create and share your digital business card with the people you meet. The best part is, the people you share your card with don't need the Blinq app to receive your card.

How it works:
1. Create your Blinq business card by adding your contact details.
2. Add your new Blinq business card to your widgets.
3. Allow people to scan the Blinq QR code with their camera to retrieve your details
4. Create and switch between your multiple business cards to share the right contact details with the right people.
5. When you share your card with people, they can send you their details.

If you have any feedback or if there are any features you would like built into the Blinq app, email us at [email protected]

The optional Premium monthly subscription costs $3.99 USD/month or $35.99 USD/year. Terms of use are available at
Blinq Technologies Pty Ltd