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Blenddy helps you achieve perfect wellness by matching products to your unique body system. Track everything product-related and pair them to your lifestyle to Get in the Perfect Mode, Every Time You Consume. Use Blenddy to:

• Recall any cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates, compounds and CBD products you've tried that help you feel great!

• Dial-in your perfect amounts using our easy, 3-step Sessions method for each of your products. After all, recommended dosages don't work for everyone. Use your customized measurements tomorrow, next week or months down the line for accurate, repeatable experiences.

• Compare consumed products to determine what works best for you. Use this knowledge towards better purchasing choices by buying only product you love!

• Fly through tasks by recalling the perfect cannabis-to-lifestyle pairing for your activities, tastes, or medical symptoms. Enjoy how the perfect pairing can amplify your mental and physical tasks with little to no effort!

• Pair your favorite Spotify playlists so you're capturing the proper audio mood and get in the perfect groove!

• Expand your product experiences by simply combining what you already have. Keep private notes on these customized blend results!

• Tag products you want to try and deepen your strain knowledge with our product search. Who knows, maybe we can help locate them too!

• Share your strains with friends. We've got you covered when they ask what are we smoking? When they head home, they'll know what they smoked and increase their knowledge!

• Discover new products, places to go, and things to do. We're all here for the canna-life, a shared way to live and celebrate as a community on what we know, smoke and love...
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